A Baby Affair DC

A Baby Affair DC

I don’t photograph too many events.  I just don’t.  It isn’t my thing.  I am always flattered when people ask me to do so but the answer is usually no.  I like working with my families, clients and babies.  But every once in awhile I am looking into participating at an event as a vendor and I like to check it out to make sure it is a good fit.  As a small business I need to be very careful about when I spend my advertising dollars.

I had heard about A Baby Affair somewhere on the web and was very interested in being a vendor at their event.  Unfortunately the date was not conducive for me to be a vendor but I was lucky enough to be able to attend so I could check it out.  My friends at Mission Sleep found out I was coming and kindly asked if I could take a few pictures of the panel they would be participating in.  (I don’t bring my camera unless I am asked to do so.)

It was held at the National Children’s Museum at National Harbor, a beautiful location and it was a GORGEOUS day.  Add to that, there were babies and mommas, and mommies to be ALL over the place.  So much fun!

I’m not going to lie, the place was packed and it wouldn’t have hurt to have it in a larger location but the theme of the museum was perfect and everyone seemed to be able to move around well as long as we were careful not to get our toes run over by all the strollers.

One of the events during the program was a panel discussion hosted by Sonya Gavankar from News Channel 8.  A new mom herself she was able to relate to some of the insecurities that new moms might face the first year of our children’s life.  Also on the panel was Kelly Collis from 94.7 Fresh FM.  She was able to offer some great perspective from a more seasoned moms point of view as her kids are almost teenagers.  Then to round things out, Denise Stern, the president of Let Mommy Sleep and Mission Sleep, was able to offer some advice on having twins and on how to get some help during those very early days after bringing the baby home from the hospital.  Such good stuff.

My “baby” is well past much of the very early baby things that I saw yesterday but it is incredible to see how the industry has changed in five years.  I have to admit, I might be a tad jealous of those moms who are having children now.  You have some GREAT stuff to choose from for your child.  I almost bought another diaper bag just because it was so cute.  I may not carry around diapers anymore but I am sure I could figure out a way to make it work as a camera bag!  🙂

It was great running into some of my friends from Jammy Jams, Kids Trips and NOVA Plastic Surgery too!

Here a shot of the panel.  Such lovely, funny ladies.  Thanks for sharing your afternoon with everyone.

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