Beautiful Photographic Products

Beautiful Photographic Products

One of the main things that I provide for my clients are beautiful photographic products that can’t be purchased elsewhere.  There is nothing like being able to touch and feel your images.  Enjoying them as you walk through your home or in this case, when you get dressed in the morning.

Many kinds of products that you find in retail stores or online can be purchased anywhere by anyone.  Not what you can get through me.  I have spent a lot of time finding products that are specific to my studio and cannot be found everywhere else.

This little pendant is one of those things.  It is a small portrait of your choosing encased in a sterling silver back with a clear cover.  It is a little over an inch long and perfect for every day wear.  When I was researching these types of things, I found that many of them weren’t the right size.  Some were way too big, and some were so small that you could hardly see the subject.  This one is just right for one or two people in the photo and as you can see, I made myself one that holds a sweet photo of my favorite little person.

If you want to get something this holiday season that mom, grandma or favorite Auntie will love, this is a perfect gift.

Beautiful Photographic Products

The chain is included and it arrives ready to wear right out of the box.  Packaged in a lovely velvet pouch it is a perfect gift.


Please inquire for pricing and shipping timelines as we get close to the holidays.  Orders for this item will need to be submitted no later than December 1st.

Beautiful Photographic Products


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