Fairfax Newborn Photographer

Fairfax Newborn Photographer

One thing that almost all professions have is continuing education.  I hold a Life and Health insurance license and I need to meet a minimum number of continuing education hours every two years to keep it current.  The same goes for CPA’s, Lawyer’s and many other professions.  The thing is that photographers don’t have anything like that.  We are not governed by any sort of regulations or requirements.  We can go to Costco, get a camera, put up a Facebook page and start advertising for clients.  I have seen that done more times that I can count.  These photographers think that what we do is easy and and don’t have too much respect for the technical skill required to product images like this.  Trust me, no one who has been in business for a short period of time with little or no training can produce images like what you see here.

As a responsible business owner I know that I must continue to hone my skills and seek out educational experiences that force me to improve my craft so I can provide the best images possible for my clients.   I have traveled all over the country to attend these workshops and studied with some of the very best in my industry.

I love these trips because they give me a reason to escape and have a little alone time and I usually meet a bunch of great people who do what I do.  The advantage of meeting them at these workshops is that usually we are located all over the country, or world, so we can feel free to share ideas freely.    Sometimes it is hard to share ideas locally when you think that your direct competition will take your idea and run with it.

Two weeks ago I traveled to Waseca, MN to attend a workshop.  These are some of the images that I took at that workshop that specialized in working with newborns and one year olds for cake smash sessions.    Here is the big disclaimer for workshop images.  I didn’t pose or set up these images at all.  That was all done by the instructor.  The props, blankets and ideas for the portraits were not mine.  I did however take these images and edit them to my liking so the look is mine and I know I could reproduce them in my studio for my clients.  Many times you see workshop images shared by photographers and there is no way they would be able to reproduce a similar look on their own.  That is not the case here.


workshop_1Here we were challenged to work with fabrics that may not feel completely natural for a different look.  I would usually never choose to work with stripes but now that I have tried it and learned what needs to be done to make it look great, I would have no problem doing something like this for my clients who wanted something a little bit different.

PK6A0079 copy

This cake smash set up was so cute.  It is completely different than anything I normally do for cake smashes but learning how to put a set together like this is something that I can’t wait to try here at home.  Bring me your babies that are turning one!!!

PK6A0030Continuing my education and investing in my skill set is something that I feel I owe to my clients.  I want to be able to provide the very best for the people who trust me with their children and their family memories.

If you know of anyone who is expecting or has a child that is turning one, I would love to speak with them.    It would be my pleasure to provide them with images to share and enjoy for generations to come.


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