Great Family Portrait Photographer Arlington VA

Great Family Portrait Photographer Arlington VA

One very cold morning, two energetic girls, beautiful fall leaves and the Pomomac River all added up to some fun and spirited portraits last fall.  I have had the pleasure of photographing this family twice now and it is always fun.  They are such a pleasure to work with and are always up for anything.

The great things is that they come to the session having very real expectations of what their girls are going to do and what they aren’t going do to in the images.  There is no way that we would get portraits of everyone sitting nicely, looking at the camera and smiling.  It just isn’t going to happen with children this age.  So we go with the flow and sometimes the best portraits are the ones where one is upside down or thrown in the air.

This is a their family at this point in their lives.  This is real life and I love that I have the honor of capturing it for them.

Family Portrait Photographer Arlington VAGreat Family Portrait Photographer Arlington VA



We have this exact image from our session last year.  I need to pull it out and show a side by side.


Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family again this year.  It was a pleasure!!

Great Family Portrait Photographer Arlington VA


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