Great Headshots! – Virginia Headshot Photographer

Great Headshots!  – Virginia Headshot Photographer

One of the questions I get all the time by my clients is if I will help them take a Great Headshots!  – Virginia Headshot Photographer.  This usually happens while we are planning a family or newborn session and they want to know if we can take a “couple minutes” and just snap a few of them by themselves in the middle of the session.   This always is sort of an awkward moment because of course, I can take a few pictures of them in the middle of a family session but I have found that the difference in a good headshot and a GREAT headshot is taking the time to plan out the exact look they want to portray in using this headshot.  Most of the time a family session is not the best time to get that great professional look that most people are going for.  For one thing, usually the wardrobe is completely different and for another, trying to take a professional headshot while you are trying to ignore your kids running around me in circles can be a bit difficult.

So when I get this question, the answer is usually “no”, we can’t plan a headshot within a family session.  HOWEVER, lets plan a different time when we can really take our time and capture the image that will make you look your absolute best.   After all, most people need a great headshot to use on social media and for professional purposes.  That portrait needs to portray you in a professional, capable manner that encourages people to want to work with you.

These two ladies had so much fun during their headshot session.  They made a day of it.  They got their make-up and hair done before they came, we did the session together then they headed off looking great for lunch and shopping together.  It was what some would say was a perfect girls day.  We chose their images before they left and they had the final edited versions by the next day.




Great Headshots!  - Virginia Headshot PhotographerThanks ladies for letting me be a part of your “girls day out!”

What does your headshot look like?  Has it been a few years?  Is it representing you and how awesome you are or is it just a place holder because you had to upload something?  Don’t let a mediocre image of you determine what doors are open to you.   You only have one time to make that first impression.  Let me help you put your best face forward!


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