Great Headshots in Metropolitan Washington DC

Great Headshots in Metropolitan Washington DC

Headshots.  One of those necessary evils (at least in my opinion) of the business world. They used to be just for actors, but not anymore.   No matter what field you are in, people now want to see your face.  Every account you sign up for on the web asks you for a profile picture.  If you are using social media in a professional capacity you want that image to  be something that makes makes people stop and notice you in the sea of thousands.  People remember faces more than names and a great head shot is a perfect place to start in getting noticed.

A great headshot reflects your personality and style.  It  needs to look natural and not stiff.  (Easier said than done, I know.)  You want to work with a photographer that makes you feel at ease and can provide the quality of images you are looking for.  Come prepared to look your best.  Get your hair and make up done, arrive a few minutes early so you aren’t stressed.  Don’t schedule your headshots the morning after a big night out and try not to drink too much in the days leading up to your session.

When picking out what you are going to wear think about what you are getting the headshots for.  You want the attention to be focused on your face and eyes, not what you are wearing.  Keep make-up close to what you naturally would wear but maybe just a tad heavier.  Don’t go crazy with huge, multi colored patterns that will take away from the image and don’t over power it with super large earrings and jewelry.  (All of these rules can be broken of course but it is good to keep them in mind for a traditional headshot session)

Here are two samples of headshots that I did on myself a few weeks ago.  I needed some new pictures taken and decided to spend some time in my studio doing them myself.  (Sounds so much easier than it is.)  I wanted two specific looks.  One on a dark background wearing black with vibrant lipstick and my hair pulled back.  The other a lighter color scheme in a clean white shirt with more natural make up.  I purposely did my make-up heavier than what I normally wear.  I am a pretty minimal gal most of the time so I felt VERY made up for these images.  After about 120 shots, I came up with about four that I really liked.  As I said, doing this on yourself is NOT easy.

The first image was the darker image with the bright lipstick and hair pulled back.  I purposely did not smile in these images as I wanted a more serious look.  When I got them back on my computer I realized that I HATED that lipstick color.  I just don’t feel it is that flattering at all.  So I converted the image to black and white and the image took on a totally different feel.


one color and one black and white headshot on a black background

Headshots used to be almost all in black and white and all in studio.  Now days most of them are in color and quite a few of them are environmental.  Meaning that they will be in an office lobby or some place that looks like the environment where you do the work.  Either kind is fine.  I prefer environmental but studio images are perfectly fine as long as they don’t look too stuffy.

Then I took the more relaxed, lighter colored image.  This turned out much closer to what I was going for in my head shot.  I wanted to look friendly, approachable, and well put together.  I chose a lighter back ground and a white shirt.  Some people say that you should stay away from white in head shots.  I don’t disagree with that but I specifically wanted a more light and airy feel so the white shirt helped me achieve that.

Great Headshots in Metropolitan Washington DC

No matter what look you want for your headshot, be sure to choose your photographer carefully.  Find someone that is easy to talk to.  Maybe even someone that can make you laugh.  Most of all you want them to make you feel at ease in front of the camera.  Very few of us are naturals in this area.  You don’t want to be rushed or feel like you are taking too much time.  Make sure you love their work and realize that this person may not come cheap.

Do you need new headshots for your professional social media profiles.  Trust me, the picture you have from last year’s family reunion where the beer is cropped out along with your Aunt Alice does not represent you the way it should.  Your business deserves a great headshot of you.  I would love to be able to provide that for you.  Contact me for session information today.

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Great Headshots in Metropolitan Washington DC