Queen Bee Concierge Headshots

Being a Headshot Photographer in Northern Virginia definitely has it perks.  Meeting so many great business owners is a privilege.  I get to come in contact with people who are all talented and passionate about different things.  Capturing all these different personalities is great fun.     We have a great time during these sessions and I strive to make sure that my clients are relaxed, confident and look great.  I think the atmosphere that is set during the session reflects in the results.

Let’s face it, sitting in front of a camera knowing that it is going to capture every little thing on our faces is not always that comfortable.   Some people sit down and are comfortable right away, others need a little more time to relax and settle in.  I never rush my clients and we take the time we need to get the results they want.

I have loved doing some great headshot sessions lately with some very talented business owners.  You have heard me say before that it is a pleasure to meet women who see a need and find a way to fill it with their own business.  Rashida of Queen Bee Concierge did just that.   When she was pregnant with her sweet little girl she realized that there was a need for a service for expecting women to get a little help. Especially those on bedrest or in the hospital for an extended period of time.  That is how Queen Bee Concierge was born.headshot photographer in Northern Virginia

Preparing for a baby is an overwhelming task.  I remember walking into Babies r Us when I was pregnant getting all my stuff ready to start scanning to add things to my registry and as soon as I entered the bottle aisle, I started crying and walked out.  It was just too much.   I can only imagine how hard it would be for a new mom starting that process and only being able to do it from bed.  Not being able to get out and feel, touch and smell everything that was being chosen for a new baby.

Because Rashida has been there, she knows the things that are going to be able to help you the most.  She can help guide you through so many things that need to be done during this time.  If you or anyone you know are expecting, on bedrest, or post delivery just needing some help, please get in touch with Rashida.  Sometimes just a couple hours of help is all a momma needs to get her groove back and be at her best for her family and new child.

fairfax_headshot_photographerDoesn’t she look great.  She had her make up and hair done for her session and she looks polished, professional and approachable.  When planning a headshot session, don’t skimp out on a great make-up artist.  They can really make you shine!!!great-headshots-virginia

Here is the ultimate reason Queen Bee Concierge was started.  All because of that cute little face right there.



What does your headshot look like?  Has it been a few years?  Is it representing you and how awesome you are or is it just a place holder because you had to upload something?  Don’t let a mediocre image of you determine what doors are open to you.   You only have one time to make that first impression.  Let me help you put your best face forward!


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