Headshots in Northern Virginia


Doing Headshots in Northern Virginia is a total change of pace from what I am normally used to.    I haven’t found one adult yet who runs away from me, cries, needs to be bribed with candy or refuses to do what I ask of them.  Headshot sessions are surprisingly relaxing and fun.  It is a great opportunity to get to know my clients a little bit better and help them achieve something positive in their lives by the image that I take of them.  Most of the time people come to me for headshots because they are looking for a new job, trying to gain clients, applying to graduate school, need a new image for their company website or just want to make sure that their likeness on their social media profiles is polished and professional.  The image I take of them can set them apart and get them closer to their goals.

You never have a second chance to make a first impression.  That is more true now, in our digital age, than it ever has been.  Make sure the profile image that you have on your professional networking sites, like Linkedin, shows you as approachable, professional and competent.    Scroll through any social media site and take a look at how people are putting themselves out there.  Now think of a prospective employer or client.   Who do you think is going to be contacted first: The person who obviously took a quick snap with their cel phone against their living room wall, OR the person who had a professionally produced portrait?  I am pretty sure we all know that answer to that.  All things being equal, the person with a better profile image will get contacted first almost every time.

Here are some links to some other headshot sessions I have done.  All of these people came to me because they needed a solid portrait for professional reasons.

The Lawyer from out of town

Femworking Conference.  83 Headshots in one day

The transformation story

The Opera Singer

This post has a few “selfies”.  For a photographer, taking your headshot can be challenging.  This also has some tips on how to prepare for a great headshot session.

My own headshot session

McCaul came to me because she needed a new headshot for school.  They had a photographer come and take headshots of the participants in her program but when she received the results she realized she wanted something a little more polished and professional.


Headshots Northern Virginia

What does your headshot look like?  Has it been a few years?  Is it representing you and how awesome you are or is it just a place holder because you had to upload something?  Don’t let a mediocre image of you determine what doors are open to you.  Let me help you put your best face forward!

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