Jill’s House “Celebrating Special Children”

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing a very special event for Jill’s House.  If you read my blog you know that I am a huge supporter of Jill’s House and the work they do for families of children with special needs.    You can see some of my previous posts that go into detail about what a great place it is and why I believe that the services they provide are so important.

Here is the post about my weight loss and my husband and my preparation for the Marine Corp Marathon 10k we ran in 2012 to raise money for Jill’s House.

Here is the post that tells more about the fund raising for the race and has a picture of my very favorite Jill’s House Guest, Emily.  I just love that little girl so much.

Anyway, the “Celebration of Special Children” was held at the Ritz Carlton and featured entertainment by The McLean Bible Church Tyson’s Worship Choir and Orchestra.  They were fantastic, as always, and so much fun to be around.  This is one exceptionally talented group of people who also donated their time to this event.

The headliner that evening was none other than 14 time Country Music Entertainer of the Year,  Martina McBride.  She did a great show with her band.

The event raised over 1.1+ million dollars for Jill’s House and it was just an honor to be a part of it in my very small way.


The Night’s Emcee’s were Alison Starling and Leon Harris from WJLA TV.  Top left

Cameron Doolittle, President and CEO of Jill’s House.  Top Right

Brenda Solomon, Co-Founder of Jill’s House.  Bottom Left

Catherine Reynolds, Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation.  Bottom Right

The Ritz Carlton did a great job with the ballroom.  Look at all the little candles hanging from the ceiling.

Some of the extremely talented musicians that played that evening led by Ben Roundtree.

We were treated to a powerful concert by Martina McBride.

The Worship Choir from McLean Bible Church.  They sounded awesome that evening.

Two of the soloists, Holly Grate and Alyce Metallo.  Love hearing them sing.

This picture just makes me smile.  The man on the left posted his version to his facebook page, then we sent him the picture of me taking the picture of him taking the picture.   Did that make sense?


A big thank you to Jill’s House for letting me tag along and be a part of a very special event.  It is an absolute honor working with like minded people who want to make the world a better place for ALL children.