Location, Location, Location! Vienna Portrait Studio

Location, Location, Location! Vienna Portrait Studio


As primarily a studio photographer, I don’t have to worry about locations too much with my clients.  However, there are many who want outside portraits and the process of choosing a great location for your portraits can be tricky.  The location is actually another subject in your portraits.  It can be featured as a prominent member of the family or the crazy aunt who you put in the back row and hope that her mismatched outfit doesn’t stand out too much.

With that said, finding a great location seems like a big deal but it really doesn’t have to be difficult.  When choosing your location remember that it can drive many other factors related to the session so try to choose the location first THEN move onto things like the time of the session and wardrobe.

Here are a few things to discuss with your photographer before settling on a location.

1.  What kind of theme or look do you want in your portraits?  Is there a particular building or natural backdrop you envision in your portraits?  Do you want the graffiti of a downtown alley or the beautiful view of looking over the Potomac River?   Bring those ideas to your photographer and brainstorm together on what you like, then if you can’t use that particular location, you can probably find something else that will be just as pleasing.

2.  Are you allowed to take pictures in that location?  Permits rule  in this area.  We need permits to shoot in public parks, national parks and almost anywhere else.  Make sure you photographer knows the rules and be prepared to pay for a permit if it is needed.  Most locations have this information readily available on their website.

3.  Is it accessible?  Not all locations may be available all year round.  There are some great locations in this area that require a bit of a hike to get to.   Are you ok walking a bit to a specific spot or are there members of the family that need a spot within 20 feet from the parking area?   Again, very important things to discuss with your photographer.

4.  How do you get there?  I have one particular location that is not hard to find but the directions make it seem like it is.  I have taken the time to outline very specific steps in finding the location so there is never any doubt that my client is in the right place.  Make sure you are clear on where you are going and how to get there.  When in doubt, your photographer should be there to meet you so you can go to the location together.

5.  Are there services at this location?  Are there areas where you can check your hair and make up in a mirror, change your clothes and use the restroom?  If not, you need to know about that ahead of time.

6.  Will the photo session be in a public place or on private property?  Are you comfortable being photographed if people are watching you?  Will that be a distraction to younger members of your family?   One of the most popular locations in our area is Old Town Alexandria.  It is a great backdrop to portraits.  But you can’t have a session there without many people walking by and commenting on what you are doing.  It makes sessions last longer and distracts young children from the task at hand.  If that might be an issue for you, work with your photographer to find a more private location.

Choosing the right location for your portrait session doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.  Your photographer should have a list readily available in case you need some suggestions.  Work with them to find a location that is just right for you and it will be a great additional subject in the portraits you will love!

Location, Location, Location!  Vienna Portrait Studio


Location, Location, Location! Vienna Portrait Studio


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