Mosquitos and Zika and Summer! Oh My!

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Mosquitos and Zika and Summer! Oh My! One of the things that comes with summer around here are mosquitoes.  Those tiny little bugs that follow me wherever I go and if I get bitten, you can guarantee that in 48 hours I will be scratching myself bloody from the itch.  I cannot stand them and have always joked that I am an easy target for them.  They don’t even have to guess where my veins are, they can see them through my skin and make a direct hit every. single. time.

Now this year, with the threat of the Zika virus looming over us, and the fact that I photograph lots of pregnant women outside, I knew I had to beef up my mosquito control on my property.   There are several companies in our area that we have looked into but after one company sprayed their non-organic chemicals all over my basil and herb garden, I realized that we were going to have to take over this job ourselves.  I watched as they sprayed everything, giving no consideration at all to the areas that we specifically wanted them to avoid.  It is hard to put things in your child’s food after you have seen it sprayed with a toxic chemical, no matter how much you wash or they tell you that it is ok to eat.

So The Hubs did some research and found the exact same organic option that that they offer and he could order it online.  So he bought a sprayer from Amazon and now we can do it ourselves for a fraction of the cost.   We still don’t spray it on our herbs though.

Here are pictures of the sprayer and the product we will be using this summer.


mosquitos_3Mosquitos and Zika and Summer! Oh My!

I hope this helps you see that there is an option that is better for you and more affordable that isn’t really that hard.

Here is wishing you a happy, fun, bite free summer!!

Mosquitos and Zika and Summer!  Oh My!


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