Professional Headshots

Can you think of a more relaxing environment to get your Professional Headshot taken than in a large trade show area at a conference in front of a couple hundred people you have never met before?  Knowing that there is a line of at least 30 people waiting for their turn with the photographer and you are holding them up.  That sounds like a situation where you could be totally relaxed and at ease, right?  I don’t think so.  But the attendees at the Femworking conference that was held in Crystal City  several weeks ago did just that.   We had one day, over 100 ladies, one set up and one photographer to take simple headshots of anyone who was interested.  It ended up that 83 women were interested and I had the pleasure of taking their picture.

All of these women are bloggers and business owners.  They are all working online to connect and grow their business.  They came to learn, share their stories and spend a day connecting with others who do what they do.  It was great to be in a place with so much creative energy.   The topics covered by the group range from daily deals, parenting advice, dealing with death, healthy food choices, and the topics go on and on.  To say it was a diverse group is an understatement.  I wish I had more time to really learn about them and their businesses.

Thank you ladies for allowing me to photograph you!

Professional HeadshotsHow old is that headshot that you have posted on your professional social media sites?  If it like most people, it is at least a year old.  Or worse, it is a casual picture of you at the beach or a bar b que with a friend cropped out.    Make sure that what people see online is what they will see when they meet you face to face.  January is Headshot month at the studio.  Take a little time out of your day and lets update your portrait.

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