How to display your portraits

How many of you think an 8×10 image is big?  How many of you think that is the largest size you would ever possibly consider hanging on your wall?  It is ok, you can raise your hand.  I know that is what many people think.  I used to think that as well.  After all, that used to be the biggest size you could get frames for in the store and it was easy.

Well,  times have changed my friend.  Gone are the days when camera limitations meant that the largest size you could get from a negative is 8×10 or 11×14.  Now the size possibilities are endless.  I was reading on one of my photography forums the other day where a client of another photographer wanted to enlarge one her wedding portraits to 30 x 40 . . . wait for it . . . FEET!   Can you imagine how big that is?  That is probably bigger than a normal billboard, if not close to it.  That is just ginormous!  Maybe she was planning on wrapping her house with this image.  I have no idea what a normal consumer would do with an image that size.   The great thing is that our modern professional level cameras can accommodate such requests with little or no problem at all.

So for those of you who think that an 8×10 is big.  Let me give you a little visual on really how small it is and why it is not the proper size for a wall hanging.  This is a picture of a standard size couch with an 8×10 hanging above it.  It is so small I can hardly see how many people are in it.  That small picture looks a little silly all by itself on that wall.  I know some of you are thinking that would work well in a collage of some sort, maybe but probably not.  It would probably always look too small.

Here we have the same image as a 20×24 size.  This is the most popular size that I sell for larger wall hangings.  You can see here though, that it still is a little small for this display area.

Ah!  Now we are talking.  This 30×40 (inches, not feet) size is perfect for this space.  I bet you would have originally thought it was entirely too big and would never consider ordering such a large size.  But it looks good, right?  You can see everyone, it fills the space nicely and it doesn’t overpower the wall or setting.

Don’t limit yourself by what you think is a large size portrait display.  I always advise my clients to go a size larger than they think and NOT ONCE has anyone come back to say that my suggested size was too small.  In fact, I have gotten many messages stating that they wish they had gone even bigger.

One great tool I use with my clients is asking them to bring in a picture of the area where they want to hang some of their images.  I plug that into my computer and can provide a mock-up of their new display area within minutes.  This is just one of the many services that a custom photographer should provide.

I love helping my clients choose how they will display their portraits.  I would love to be able to do that for you too!




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