Professional Family Photographer in Reston

Professional Family Photographer in Reston

One of things that I feel my clients deserve are great products from their portrait session.  I spend a lot of time looking for things that can’t be found from other retail vendors.  This image box is one of those things.  I have been wanting one of these for a long time.  It is a leather box that features an aluminum print on the top for display purposes.  Inside it contains 10 11×14 prints that are mounted on a cool beveled board that I can display in my home and switch out as I like.  I love the idea that I can pick and choose what I display and don’t always have to have the same image.  I just have a ton of great portraits of my daughter.  Portraits that I love and want to see on a daily basis but I don’t have enough wall space to display them all at the same time so with this image box I can switch them out as I want.  Having the flexibility to display different images is great!

This is a picture of the front.  This image doesn’t really do it justice, it is a beautiful finish.

Professional Family Photographer in Reston PK6A0192

Here is the tab that has a magnet to hold the box closed.  There is a ribbon in the box that makes it easy to get all the portraits out.


Here are two of the portraits that I chose to include in the box.  Come one look at that face.  Isn’t she the cutest?  🙂


Because I know my families are growing and changing this is a perfect solution.

It will be offered two ways.

1.  As a starter kit that includes the box with the aluminum print on the top, an easel and 5 11×14 mounted portraits.   Allowing you to add more portraits as your family changes and grows.  This is what I am choosing to do with my box.

2.  As a full session product that includes the box with the aluminum print on the top, and easel and 10 11×14 mounted prints.

I hope my  clients love this product as much as I do.


Professional Family Photographer in Reston


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