This is My Brave! Northern Virginia Photographer

This is My Brave!  Northern Virginia Photographer

A few months ago I was asked to volunteer for a local organization called “This is My Brave”.  They are an organization that works toward removing the stigma that comes along with mental illness.   They do this by putting together shows where people who have been affected by mental illness have an opportunity to share their stories of pain, courage and triumph with others.

To say their stories are personal is an understatement.   They shared stories of hospitalization, break downs, suicide attempts, and brokenness.  There was laughter and tears.  And for the performers it felt as though there was an overwhelming feeling of relief that they didn’t have to hide anymore.

I heard it said once that standing in front of another person and sharing our pain is one of the kindest things we can do for each other.  It bring us closer as humans and it makes us realize that we are not alone.  When someone is brave enough to share their pain it is a gift and these performers gave us a huge gift that Sunday afternoon.  Although I was working it was an event that I won’t soon forget.  Thank you for being brave!

This is My Brave!  Northern Virginia PhotographerThese are the headshots of some of the performers that I took a few weeks before the show.


The two founders Jennifer Marshall and Anne Marie Ames

duoThe entire cast after their brilliant performance.Brave_099

If you have a story to tell, watch for auditions by following This is My Brave! on Social Media.  Since this performance they have done two more shows, with an entirely different cast in two other cities.  As of this writing they are preparing for an event in Los Angeles.

This is My Brave on Facebook

This is My Brave!  Northern Virginia Photographer


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