Tiny Trots Owner Danielle Larkins Headshots

Tiny Trots Owner Danielle Larkins Headshots

When Tiny Trots owner Danielle Larkins came and visited me for her headshots I was so excited to work with her.  Tiny Trots is a great resource for moms in the Northern Virginia area.  If you haven’t heard of her website or Tiny Trots, go check it out.  You will find all sorts of great reviews, activity ideas,  family friendly suggestions for doing stuff with your family.

Doesn’t she look great?


Check out the calendar alone on her site and find activities for the kids almost every day of the week.



Danielle was so great to work with.  During these sessions sometimes we just set the camera down and talk about what it means to be a mom who happens to run a business.  The challenges we face and how we move forward balancing all there is to do.   It was great to have that time with Danielle and I look forward to seeing how Tiny-Trots evolves and continues to be a great resource for families in our area in the future.

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