Travel Tuesday Orcas

Travel Tuesday Orcas

While staying on Vancouver Island we decided to take a whale watching trip to see if we could see some Orcas.  It was the right time of year and we were feeling a little lucky so off we went.

Now this wasn’t the kind of trip where we were seated all warm and cozy inside a boat just waiting for them to surface.  We were on a low pontoon boat, dressed in survival coveralls (imagine us dressed in the same kind of gear that they wear on “The Deadliest Catch”) and off on our adventure.  It was cold, very windy and after the sun went down, pretty frigid.  Those survival suits that I thought were unnecessary became vital as we sat outside on the boat racing through the water.  It was COLD!

It took about 30 minutes to get to the place where the whales had been seen last and as soon as we got there, we were greeted with a pod of five whales swimming through the channel.  The thing that was so great is that they were close enough that we could hear them exhale as they broke the water’s surface and see and feel the spray.  So I think I can honestly say that I have been sprayed with whale snot as it floated in the breeze in our direction.  Our daughter could not have been more thrilled.

Travel Tuesday Orcas

This particular pod of whales was a transient group.  They come into this are for only four or five days and then move on.  We didn’t see the residential pod that stays there the entire season.  Maybe next time.


These were some of the clouds that we saw on the tour.   It was fun to see the fins in the clouds as we were looking at the fins on the water.


The great things about whale watching in Canada is that their laws allow the boats to get closer to them than they do in the states.  We never could have gotten this close on this side of the border.  But I can safely say that we were still far enough away that we were not interrupting them as they swam through.


Travel Tuesday Orcas

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