Travel Tuesday Parksville Sandcastle Building

Travel Tuesday Parksville Sandcastle Building

Want to start at the begining of our adventure in Parksville?  Start by reading last weeks post. 

Last week I shared with you all about our visit to Parksville, BC.  One of the things we were excited to see while we were there was the annual Parksville SandCastle competition.  It was amazing to see what these artists can do with sand.    From what I understand,  they have 30 hours over the course of 4 days to sculpt.  They use a quality sand and there are pretty strict rules about when they can sculpt, what tools are allowed (no power tools) and how long they take.

But from reading the rules as much as they say it is a competition, every one wins at least a $1,000 and the expenses, food, and lodging are all paid for by the main sponsor, Quality Foods.  So that leads me to believe that it is more about bringing artists to the area to draw a crowd over actual competition.  It draws a huge crowd to the community, over 104,000 people visited this year.   There is a small entrance “fee” that is collected and that goes to several different charities in the area.

What I found was so fascinating was that they sculpt these out of a special dry sand and only after it is finished can they spray it with a “glue/water” that holds them in place for the duration of the display period.  We were told that they last through the rain and wind with no problem for over a month.

This year’s theme was heroes and villians.



This sculpture was so impressive in person.  Look at how pointy Batman’s ear is.  Others must have thought so too as this was the first place winner.  I kind of have to smile at how the Joker’s foot is over Batman’s and I bet it if were real life, in that “handshake”,  someone’s  hand is getting crushed.


They had over 104,000 visitors this year from all over the world.

Travel Tuesday Parksville Sandcastle BuildingTravel Tuesday Parksville Sandcastle Building


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