Travel Tuesday – Parksville, Vancouver Island

Travel Tuesday – Parksville, Vancouver Island

We are fortunate to be able to go on some pretty great vacations as a family.  We all like to travel and I consider it one of my jobs as a parent to make sure that my daughter understands that there is a great big world out there to discover.   My husband does a great job putting together trips that are fun for all of us.  We learned our lesson a few years ago that if the little one wasn’t having fun on vacation, the big people weren’t going to have much fun either.  So with that in mind, this year, after our annual trip to Portland to visit my grandmother, we headed up into Canada to Vancouver Island.  I had been there before  as a child but I didn’t remember too much of it and coming back as an adult was great fun.

We stayed in the city of Parksville which is on the East side of the island about a third of the way up.   Our hotel was right on the beach and it was more like a condo than a hotel so it came with a well equiped kitchen, laundry facilities, and a lovely view of the beach.

Whenever possible we try to stay in a hotel that includes a kitchen.  It just makes things easier for us to be able to prepare some of our meals in the hotel or just heat up leftovers.  Now, one thing you may not know about me is that I make a mean eggs benedict.  It is one of my favorite meals.  I often will crave it for a week or two before I give in and make it if for the family.  Because, lets face it, that much butter and eggs isn’t really good for anyone.  But we were on vacation and as soon as I saw it on the room service menu (for $23!) I decided I needed to make it for my family the first morning we were there.

Here is a tip.  When staying in a hotel with a restaurant, if you need a little bit of a certain spice for something you want to make, go ask the kitchen for some.  Hollandaise sauce uses a bit of cayenne pepper.  I really didn’t want to purchase a 2 ounce bottle at the store so I went to the restaurant and asked them for a little bit.   They ended up giving me way more than I needed but that was ok and the eggs turned out perfectly.  Along with some delicious iced tea, fresh cherries and a beach view, it was my version of a perfect vacation breakfast.



We stayed at The Beachclub resort.  If you look on their site you can pretty much see exact pictures of what our room looked like.

The one thing about this area is that the beach is very flat, no waves and perfect for families with small children who like to play in the water.   In this particular spot the difference between low tide and high tide is almost a kilometer.  Here is the water with the tide almost all the way in.

To give you a frame reference for how far out the water gets,  imagine the waterline about a third of an inch past that little sand dune in this picture.


Here are my two loves walking out to the water’s edge during low tide.  This was taken all the way zoomed in with my 70-200 mm lens.


We have cartwheel pictures at every spot on this vacation.  This child still won’t post for a picture but will do these all day long.

Travel Tuesday - Parksville, Vancouver Island

It was quiet there but it was just what we needed.  One thing I noticed about the beach areas there vs. the beach areas here is that there was not ONE souvenir shop in the whole town.  They had dollar stores where you could get a few little trinkets but it was NOTHING like what we have here.  In fact, we actually went looking for a t-shirt that had the name of the town on it and could not find one anywhere.  Can you imagine that happening here?  It was such a nice change.  That doesn’t mean the town was dead, they had bars, nightlife and other things you would find in any beach town but the never ending boardwalk and streets filled with cheap souvenir stands, ice cream shops and other vendors was refreshingly missing.  The closest we got to any sort of touristy advertising was this skimboarder who came out at night to practice and had a sign with a number promoting his skim boarding lessons.


We did some great things on this vacation.  In the coming weeks I will be sharing some of those other adventures with you.  If you have any questions, just contact me using the options below.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have about our travels.

Travel Tuesday – Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


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