Trying to be organized Vienna Family Photographer

Trying to be organized Vienna Family Photographer

Do you have boxes in a drawer or in your closet that look like this?   All your necklaces piled high, getting tangled, scratched, and bent?  Add a usb cable and that is what my jewelry was looking like.  I have a ton of necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items that I use during my sessions.  With the current trend of statement necklaces that are large and bold, that meant that my little drawer was becoming crowded and messy.


Whenever a maternity client comes in I almost always bring out the bling so they can have a little fun and we can add another element to their pictures.  However, I was noticing that as I was bringing out these little boxes, things were getting messier and more and more tangled.  This was certainly not an ideal long term solution for my baubles.

Enter a random video that I came across by none other than Khloe Kardashian. (WAIT, DON’T LEAVE, THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOD STUFF.)  No matter what you think of the Kardashian family, it is somewhat known that Khloe is somewhat OCD about keeping things organized.  (try and find her video about how she stacks the oreos in the jars in her kitchen.)  And she had a short little video about how she keeps her jewelry organized that peaked my attention.   Her system involved using photo organizer boxes (ironic, right?) to keep things neat, organized and easy to find.  Brilliant!

180_1So off I went to the Container Store to see if this was something that would work well for me.  I found this box for $24 that has 12 internal boxes that are designed to hold stacks of 4×6 printed photos.  It worked like a charm.  I was able to get most of my stuff in this box all organized and untangled.  It is easy to carry around for sessions and it will stack easily in any place I choose to store it.PK6A0182Trying to be organized Vienna Family PhotographerI chose the 4×6 boxes because they seemed to be the best size for my stuff.  They do make the same system in 5×7 if you think you need bigger boxed for your collection.PK6A0185

Thanks Khloe for the great tips!  This will save my bling from getting scratched and tangled and make it easier to find exactly what I need when I need it.

Trying to be organized Vienna Family Photographer


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