Washington Parent Magazine Cover Shoot Bethesda MD

Washington Parent Magazine Cover Shoot Bethesda MD

One of the best connections I have made in my job is with Washington Parent Magazine.  Not only are the sessions relaxed and easy going, the people at the magazine are great to work with.   This year’s June issue was no exception.  The great advantage that I have found of having a continuing relationship with them is that I know what they want from the sessions and can be much more effective with time.   Our first cover shoot together took quite awhile.  This one was very quick.  That also could be because we had the most cooperative models ever and they did such a great job!!

Washington Parent Magazine Cover Shoot Bethesda MD


For this one we gathered in a home and just did it against the living room wall.  Sounds easy but to get the shot they wanted I ended up having to shoot over a grand piano.  That just made it a little more interesting.  Anything to get the shot.


She really was a great and cooperative model.   You never know what you are going to get with little children and have to be prepared for anything.  She was a dream and so sweet.



Thank you Washington Parent Magazine.  I’m looking forward to when we can do this again!


If you know of anyone who is expecting I would love to speak with them.    It would be my pleasure to provide them with images to share and enjoy for generations to come.

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