Washington Parent Magazine DC Metro Photographer

Washington Parent Magazine DC Metro Photographer

One of the business relationships I have is with Washington Parent Magazine.  I met some of their editorial staff a couple years ago and we started working together on some of their cover photoshoots.  As a magazine it is much easier for them to choose images for their issues from stock photos that they can pick and choose online.  The problem comes when they are doing a feature story with a local celebrity or topic and they want to show them on the cover and inside pages.  That is where I come in.  My heart skips a little beat when I see an e-mail come in and the topic line is, “cover photoshoot coming up”.   I appreciate the opportunity to work with the great women at Washington Parent and am always excited to see who I will meet and where I will go as a part of their team.

For the November cover, we ended up in the lobby of the Arena Stage here in Washington DC.  The task at hand was to photograph the lead in their upcoming musical Oliver!.   Now as a bit of a musical theater buff and as someone who actually got her start singing in the local Opera scene, it was so fun to get back to my roots,  so to speak, in the theater but in a totally different capacity.

Jake Miller is the lead in this production of Oliver! and was very professional and easy to work with.  He was a super good sport about the whole thing, especially considering that this was his second photoshoot of the day.  At one point to get him engaged I asked him if he thought I could sing higher than him.  He sort of looked at me and was surprised.  Not sure he has heard that from a photographer before and probably won’t hear that too often in the future.   My chops weren’t quite up to par but it was fun to hear him singing his very high, boy soprano notes,  as he walked down the halls to change his clothes.

When you see this issue, be sure to pick it up and find a local show, performance or something that you can go to as a family this season.  The Washington theater scene is so rich and Washington Parent always does a great job putting together the best of the best so you don’t have to go to far to find something great.

Break a leg Jake!!!  See you at the theater.

To get tickets to Oliver!, you can visit the Arena Stage Website.  They have a great season planned.  Don’t miss it.


Washington Parent Magazine DC Metro Photographer


Washington Parent Magazine DC Metro Photographer


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