What to Wear for your next portrait session

Here we are again talking about clothes and what to wear for your next portrait session.  This month I wanted to change thing up a little bit and show you three color schemes that look great by themselves but you could also mix and match them to come up with a look that is completely your own.   I love these soft muted tones.  They photograph well and look good on almost everyone.

Mix and Match

The thing to keep in mind is that the guy’s grey and denim outfit from the last picture would look great with the girl’s outfit from the other two images.  Everything here can pretty much mix and match and look great.  AND you can always bring in the neutrals like black, brown and denim (I prefer a darker wash for portraits) to any color palette to darken it up and break up any colors you need to.

Don’t forget the Accessories

What is missing from these images is great accessories.  They show a bag with each images but who cares about a purse?  I don’t see too many clients who really need or want their purse or bag  in their images.  But don’t forget about hats, scarves, cute jackets, and jewelry to really make the look your own.  Accessories really add the personality to your portraits and it is great to have a few on hand so we can easily change things up during your session.

What to wear for your next portrait sessionclothing options for professional portrait sessions

I hope these outfit slides help you with idea of how to dress for your session.  You can see many more ideas in previous posts.   Dorie Howell What to Wear.   Choosing what to wear can be a very daunting experience.  Expecially for those who not only have to choose an outfit for themselves but also dress their entire family.  Don’t make too big of a deal of it.  Think in simple colors and when all else fails go to a store that can outfit the entire family, like Nordstrom or Macy’s.  Use their personal shopping program or find a clerk that looks great and has some great style and have them help you.   You got this and you will look great!


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